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Milaan be the Change is an unique program that empower young girls to grow beyond their boundaries. The selected Girl Icon Fellows are equipped to create change in their peer groups by taking up small projects that can benefit their peers and communities. 15 Girl Icon Fellows are being supported through the EkSoch Sandbox. Milaan works to educate, empower, enable students and communities from rural backgrounds. Registered in 2007, Milaan has since reached out to more than 10,000 children and young people through various educational initiatives, life-skills training, employability training, youth empowerment programs and campaigns.

At Ek Soch Sandbox, Milaan will implement the Girl Icon Fellowship Program. It is an experiential based leadership building program for adolescent girls who have demonstrated a commitment drive social change. About 300 adolescent girls from the 7 districts of Ek Soch Sandbox, will be led through a training and empowerment program to develop their leadership skills, build connections with influential peers and professional mentors. This collective will design, develop and implement social change projects in their communities.

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